Guest Blog – Emma Wilberforce Extravis Marketing

How to successfully use email to reach your ideal clients Email marketing can be a very effective way of reaching your ideal clients. If you’ve got an email list but you’re struggling to find the time to do anything with it, or you feel overwhelmed by it all, here are...

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Award Entry – some winning tips!

Our in-house marketing consultant Paul Leonard has received several high-profile awards for his personal efforts as a senior marketeer and he was responsible for the submissions which delivered almost 30 prestigious awards  for the companies he worked for, including...

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Business Awards – An objective analysis

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of awards programmes and events aimed at UK businesses, large and small, local and national/international, but happily many are geared towards the small business sector which is the bedrock of our economy. That said it is...

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Are you content with your content?

There you are, laptop at the ready and a new blog posting is needed for your website. And the words just aren’t really flowing. Break for a coffee. Try again. You get 500 words done and read it through. It’s alright you say to yourself and post it on the...

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