Current vacant properties in Brackley Market Town

There are a number of vacant properties in Brackley Town Centre. As at 30th January 2020 - list of vacant properties Banbury Road Ex Katherine House Hospice - no details know at the moment Ex Heritage Music Centre - lovely building (relocated to Banbury) Property up...

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Brackley Town Venues for hire

View this email in your browser Great Rooms for Hire For Brackley’s business sector it’s good news to know that the completion of Egerton Hall is almost done. Alongside the community it will provide the town with a suite of facilities to offer to local and visiting...

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It’s a WRaP! Silverstone Park

It's a WRaP! MEPC launches new agile work space at Silverstone Park Innovation Centre Businesses and guests at Silverstone Park can now take advantage of a colourful new ‘agile work space’ – designed to provide an attractive place to ‘work, rest and play’. The...

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