Paul is an Associate of Business Information Bureau and has played a major role in creating the new, soon to be 3, interlinked website for Brackley businesses, residents and visitors.

A little bit about him –

I married lovely Carol whilst at Uni and everyone said we were mad and it’d never last but here we are still happily married 45 years later. I’m a proud dad to 3 beautiful talented daughters and now, just to balance the gender divide, 4 amazing grandsons and 2 fine sons-in-law. I’m immensely proud of them all.

I spent over 30 years working for telecom giant BT, 13 years of which were with the mobile arm (now known as O2) as Head of Marketing (leading on everything from advertising, social media, channel activity, corp hospitality, dealer support, PoS, literature, promotions, sponsorship) and ending up back in the parent company for 7 years as Head of Corporate Sponsorship. I had 20 years with the best two jobs in each company. So many proud moments and over 20 major awards but my two BAFTA’s (for digital innovation) rank up there. My deal with the RFU to sponsor the England Rugby team is still going strong 23 years later.

We semi-retired to a restored farmhouse in Italy in 2006 which we just love but get to all too infrequently these days. We had to return home for medical reasons, cancer in my case. To help get over it I started a writing service called It’s Write for You ( which was good fun and this led on to building simple effective websites like Villa Kingfisher ( and Emma’s Finds (

Most recently I’ve found a niche helping SME-sized companies analyse their marketing effectiveness and delivering solutions to overcome any areas of weakness. This covers everything from website development, marketing collateral, email marketing activity, all copy content, PR, through to social media activity. I’ve surprised myself with what I’ve been able to deliver. Here are two websites I helped to create and wrote all the copy for and

I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years. I’m quite proud of A Fat Bald Bloke Takes On New York ( about some time we spent there recently. My first blog, Pasta Paulie (
which started as a kind of Italian diary is still live and has attracted 300,000 views. It’s my platform for airing off these days and is very irreverent. I’ve written over 1000 posts and around 1m words and this has unquestionably helped sharpen my copy-writing skills which is what a lot of people ask me to help them with these days.

Away from work I love art, architecture, design, wine, books, radio, football, London, America and Italy, good company, almost all women and quite a few blokes, eating out, cooking, olive picking, white and black t-shirts, our few great friends and of course my beautiful family.