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Great Rooms for Hire
For Brackley’s business sector it’s good news to know that the completion of Egerton Hall is almost done.

Alongside the community it will provide the town with a suite of facilities to offer to local and visiting businesses to use for a variety of purposes, be it conferences, networking events plus other off-site work-related events.

Now businesses have the option of several town-owned properties to hire smart venues at attractive rates:

• The Old Fire Station meeting room space is a bright and airy facility with the café alongside for assorted options of refreshments on hand.Tables & chairs neatly stored into the units for your use
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• Egerton Hall The two public rooms (one large, one smaller – soon to be named) have bang-up-to date facilities. Suggested uses for business workshops, presentations etc. And good parking space.

• The newly-refurbished Town Hall now has a smart Civic Hall for perhaps more prestigious, and evening occasions, such as award ceremonies, International visitor dinners etc. There are many national and international business in and around Brackley that may want to take advantage in this newly-renovated iconic building.

Each has its appeal and capabilities, charge levels and sizes to suit each organization.

By utilizing these facilities local businesses can also be proud to know that their contribution will help to enable all the facilities to be maintained to a high standard and for any surplus to be added to the town’s coffers.

The best thing to do if you are interested in finding out more about the venues is to email Sally Munday-Webb, Brackley Town Council’s Venues and Events Co-ordinator, at or telephone her on 01280 702441.